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100 x 1ml Insulin Syringes
ACTN3 100 mcg
ACVR2B (ACE-031)
AICA ribonucleotide (AICAR)
Argreline Acetate 10mg
Aviva Systems Biology 13.3mg (40iu)
Aviva Systems Biology 26.6mg (80 IU)
CJC-1293 Modified GRF (1-29) 2mg
CJC-1295 DAC 2mg
CJC-1295 NO-DAC(MOD GRF 1-29)
Eprex(Erythropoietin)1000 IU/0,5 ml (8,4 mcg) x 6(Cilag AG International)
Eprex(Erythropoietin)10000 IU/1,0 ml (84 mcg) x 6(Cilag AG International)
Eprex(Erythropoietin)2000 IU/0,5 ml (16,8 mcg) x 6(Cilag AG International)
Eprex(Erythropoietin)3000 IU/0,3 ml (25,2 mcg) x 6(Cilag AG International)
Eprex(Erythropoietin)4000 IU/0,4 ml (33,6 mcg) x 6(Cilag AG International)
Eprex(Erythropoietin)40000 IU/1,0 ml (336 mcg) x 1(Cilag AG International)
Eprex(Erythropoietin)5000 IU/0,5 ml (42 mcg) x 6(Cilag AG International)
Eprex(Erythropoietin)6000 IU/0,6 ml (50,4 mcg) x 6(Cilag AG International)
Eprex(Erythropoietin)8000 IU/0,8 ml (67,2 mcg) x 6(Cilag AG International)
Fat Targeted Proapoptotic Peptide - CKGGRAKDC-GG-D(KLAKLAK)2 - 5mg
Follistatin 344 1mg
Fragment 176-191
GENOTROPIN(Somatropin) pre-filled pen GoQuick 12 mg(36IU) pen Phizer USA
Genotropin(Somatropine)16iu(5.3 mg)(Phizer USA)
GHRP – 2
GnRH (Triptorelin)
GnRH (Triptorelin)
HGH PRO (Profound Product) 72IU 24mg
HGH ProClick Cartridge 90 IU - 30 mg Somatropin Profound
HGH ProClick Pen 30mg (90 IU) Profound SUMMER SALE!!!
Humalog(Insulin human, rDNA)100 IU/ml - 3 ml x 5 (Eli Lilly USA)
Human Growth Hormone(Somatropine) 100iu(10vial x 10iu)(Europe Pharmaceuticals)
Humatrope Lilly France 72 IU (24 mg) Somatropin
Hygetropin 200IU (25 Vials x 8 IU)
IGF-1 LR3 1mg
Ipamorelin 2mg
Melanotan II 10mg
MGF (IGF-1Ec) 2mg
Myostatin HMP(Human Myostatin Propeptide(GDF-8)98% 2mg
Norditropin(Somatropine)30IU(10mg/1.5mL)(Novo Nordisk Holland)
NovoRapid Penfill(Insulin aspart, rDNA)100 IU/ml - 3 ml x 5(Novo Nordisk Holland)
Orexin-A 5mg
Rastan Somatotropin 40UI(10x4IU) Pharmstandard
Riptropin 100IU HGH kit (10 x 10 IU) Blue top
Selank 5 mg
TB-500(Thymosin Beta 4)2mg

Price: $ 299.00 

HGH ProClick Cartridge 90 IU - 30 mg Somatropin Profound

Item 12829

HGH ProClick Cartridge 90 IU - 30 mg Somatropin


Benefits Of Somatropin

The Human Growth Hormone is the key hormone in the body and plays a pivotal role in a host of functions and processes. It is responsible for normal growth and development, repair of wear and tear, metabolic activities, sustaining good muscle mass and muscle tone, preserving good bode density, supporting mental well being and encouraging general health. 

However, by the age of 30 years, the level of naturally occurring Growth Hormone starts diminishing. Decreased levels of HGH results in a range of symptoms, such as - loss of muscle mass and muscle tone, increased fat deposition, decreased physical mobility, fatigue and reduced energy levels, diminished healing ability, added risk to developing cardiovascular disorders, reduced life expectancy, hair loss and wrinkling. In other words, aging sets in. 

The Wonderful Benefits of Somatropin Therapy or HGH Therapy

The Human Growth Hormone is a big protein hormone synthesized by the pituitary and made up of 191 amino acids. HGH that is genetically engineered (Somatropin) is identical to the naturally occurring HGH. 191 amino acids are cloned and put together in the exact same sequence of DNA for that of natural HGH. Somatropin is absolutely identical - chemically, physically and biologically to the growth hormone released by the pituitary. 

Somatropin promises you the following remarkable advantages: 

• Increased strength and tolerance level, better exercise endurance 

• Boost of energy 

• Enhanced lean muscle mass, increase in muscle size and better muscle tone 

• Increased bone density 

• Reduced body fat 

• Improvement in the skin’s texture, thickness and elasticity, disappearance of wrinkles. 

• Enhanced hair growth 

• Augmented healing of wounds and injuries 

• Regular menstruation, reduced symptoms of menopause and enhanced sexual function and libido 

• Emotional stability, reduced mood swings and improved memory 

• Delays the signs of aging to a great extent 

• An ideal therapy to fight growth hormone deficiency (GHD) syndrome in children and adults 

• Treats wasting associated with AIDS and cachexia 

• Manages IUGR, Prader Villi syndrome and Turner’s syndrome 



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