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Health Food(SLIMMING)18 capsules box(Super Fat Burning Bomb China)

Item 12728

Product Description

Super fat burning bomb(Generation 3)

Main ingredients

Koncing, Capsaicin, balsam pear element, lemon extract, guar gum powder, river giant arum rhizome powder and etc.
[Packing specification] 6 tablets/pack× 3packs× 300mg/tablet
[Directions and dosage] One tablet daily after 3 days beginning taking the product, before or after breakfast with a cup of warm water; One tablet daily after 3days beginning taking the product. In order to reach perfect effect, it should take at least 5 cup of warm water per day and cooperate with equal diet.


1. This product is applicable to those who are simplicity fatness, obstinate fatness and the repeated failure in fat reducing and easliy rebound, and those who need keep slender.
2. Constipation, acne, facial splash.

[Storage methods] Airproof, store it at the cool, dry place
[Technology support] America Sanzi Biology Fat Reducing Research Center
[Execution Standard] Q/TD2-1998
[Approval No] Hygiene Health Food No(1998)0728
[Manufacture licenses No] Guangdong Hygiene Health Food No(2005)000A0668

This product has been mainly made of Koncing nut extract that is reputed to be "super fat reducing bomb" in Europe and America, capsaicin, balsam pear, lemon extract, and gum
Power, river giant arum rhizome powder and other ingredients, through modenrn technology concentrate. It contains the ingredients helping to reduce of human body.

Koncing extract that is reputed to be "super fat reducing bomb" in Europe and America can rapidly decompose human body accumulated fat, accelerate the energy metabolizing of Obstinate fat.

Capsaicin is a high effective fat reducing element. It can rapidy involve in the energy metabolizing of human body fat, and has detoxifying effect.
Balsam pear extracted high energy slimming element(RPA)active ingredients that is reputed to be "fat killer" can rapidly remove the excessive fat remained in the blood vessel.

Lemon extract can interdict glucose transfer into fat, reduce energy absorption. This product contains 100% net natural herbage essence plant extract, is a new generation, rapid
Effect, green fashionable fatreducing product.



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