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Tribestan(Tribulus terrestris)60t/250mg (Sopharma Bulgaria)

Price: $ 40.00 

Tribestan(Tribulus terrestris)60t/250mg (Sopharma Bulgaria)

Item 12720

The best Tribestan to the world market!

Tribestan (Tribulus)


(More at www.tribestan.com) International generic name

Tribulus Terrestris L. - Sopharma's proprietary extract with 250 mg per tablet, 60 tabl. pack

Form and composition

Film-coated tablets. One film-coated tablet contains 250 mg dry extract of Tribulus terrestris L. (furostanol saponins at least 45%). Sixty count per retail pack.

Dosage and administration

As a stimulating agent Tribestan is used in dose 1 - 2 tablets given 3 times daily with meals for 40 to 50 days, followed by a maintenance dose of just 1 tablet for another 40 to 50 days.


Yet, there are not known contraindications.

Adverse reactions

No clinically significant adverse drug reactions have been observed.

Pharmacological mechanisms

Tribestan is a product from plant origin, which has been extracted from over the ground surface part of the plant Tribulus terrestris L. by an original technology of Sopharma. It contains at least 45% of standardized saponins of furostanole type. The general stimulating action of Tribestan has been shown experimentally. However, the mechanisms of this action are not totally explained.


60 film-coated tablets of 250 mg.


2 years

Item # EB0280-102-02 Manufacturer Sopharma AD: www.sopharma.com

Tribestan (Tribulus Terrestris L.) is the original Tribulus Terrestris L. natural product. Developed in the 1970s and 1980s after 16 years of research by many scientists at the Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria. The research expanded on the herb and herbal species, creating a proprietary technology and methodologies to extract the valuable components of a wild herb. Further R&D efforts included incorporation in a tablet form of a substance greatly affected by absorbed humidity. Tribestan was approved for production and implemented in mainstream practice in 1985, and on the market ever since. The product is practically non-toxic and has no side effects - no changes of lifestyle required when accepting Tribestan. Tribestan is natural and safe. Tribestan is based on a proprietary extract from Sopharma and the active substance does not contain herbal particles.  Tribestan is a completely natural non-hormonal herbal (phytochemical) biostimulator derived from the plant Tribulus terrestris L., Bulgaricum, which contains predominantly saponins of furostanol type (not less than 45% in Tribestan), with prevailing quantity of protodioscin. Over 25 years of experience with natural herbal Tribestan administration has seen no toxicity and negative effects to date.We would like to emphasize that the push towards higher Protodioscin content in Tribulus based products in misleading. The product claiming higher levels of Protodioscin simply use inferior extracts or ground herbal material and artificially add Protodioscin. The true superiority of the effectiveness and safety of Tribestan is expressed in a biologically balanced substance where are present not only Protodioscin, Protogracillin, but other key saponins in critically important ratios.   For many years Tribestan has been used by athletes of the Soviet Bloc. The Bulgarian strength athletes have also used it extensively with effectiveness. Tribestan has been used with significant results by top professional athletes as well as by recreational sport participants with no contraindications, no toxicity and no side effects. With its good safety profile and its natural herbal origin, Tribestan is sold as a dietary supplement in many countries with little restriction on its use.Special attention should be given to the harmlessness of the natural herbal product Tribestan. No evidence of acute, sub-acute and chronic toxicity has been found during the experimental behavioral, hematological, functional, biochemical and morphological studies. Absence of carcinogenic and teratogenic effect. No adverse effects were noted in any of the clinical studies and additional research demonstrated no adverse effects on the Central Nervous System and the Cardiovascular System.  



Tribestan is a natural product and is obtained from the thorn plant Tribulus Terrestris L., growing in Bulgaria. The natural habitats of the plant have been extensively studied and are well defined as species and like other plants, would often change its composition depending on the site and conditions of growth. The cultured plant is already being used in Bulgaria as well. Cultivation is a complicated process because of the specificity of the plant.

Tribestan has well defined chemical composition and is standardized in relation to its active ingredients. It is administered orally as tablets of 250 mg. Its dosage quantities and intake duration vary with the mildness or severity of the case.

The author and the product development team took very active part in its implementation in regular production by the manufacturer Sopharma AD of Sofia, Bulgaria. Curiously enough, the development of this product cost nearly 20 years to the principal author and the research team, as the active ingredients turned out to constitute a new type of physiologically active substances. Thus, an author's hypothesis, connected with the long-lived experience was finally crowned with success and got its modern tune and meaning.

Margarita Tomova, Ph.D.

Margarita Tomova, Pharm. D., Assoc. Prof. has been a long standing director of the Natural Steroids Laboratory with the Phytochemistry Division of the Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Pharmachim in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her chief area of research interest was natural substances of plant origin, where she has published over 60 research papers in Bulgaria and Germany. She has also delivered large number of lectures and reports at various scientific forums in Bulgaria and abroad (Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, etc.). As an experienced Head of Laboratory she has trained and virtually created many young scientists, and has further reviewed and guided their professional career, promoting them and helping them achieve higher degrees and ranks. She is a life member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, the Union of Bulgarian Pharmacists, member of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Botany, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, member of the Scientific Board of the Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute, etc. She has received number of honorary diplomas, certificates of recognition and awards. She is the author of number of licensed preparations of plant origin.


Sopharma Tribestan Product Guide


Tribestan, a patented extract of the Tribulus Terrestris L. Plant from Bulgaria, is also called Puncture Vine. Tribestan is used by top athletes and bodybuilders. It is natural and safe. Tribestan contains flavonoid glycosides and furostanol saponins (protodioscin) as active components. It also contains some of the highest levels of saponins among Tribulus extracts.

You may have assumed that Tribulus terrestris (a more popular and well known supplement), would provide you with all the benefits associated with Tribestan. That's a major problem because Tribulus terrestris has been confused with Tribestan for the past several years. But they are not the same thing... not even close.

Tribulus terrestris is a non-hormone plant that grows on beaches all over the world. Tribestan is made from the Tribulus terrestris plant, but that's where the connection ends. If they're made from the same plant, how can they not be the same thing? Stay with me, because I'm sure you're a little confused. But, I'll explain everything so you'll easily understand it.

Imagine if you wanted to make fresh squeezed orange juice at home. Of course you need oranges -- but the oranges are not orange juice. With the oranges, you've got the peel, the rind, the pulp, the seeds, and the flesh of the fruit. And if you squeeze the oranges, you can get juice from them. So if you effectively "extract" the juice, from the orange, you'll have what you want -- the orange juice. And you'll also have what you made that juice from -- several bruised and squashed orange remnants... the stuff you don't want. And if you've ever squeezed oranges to make juice, you know how many it takes to make even a small glass of orange juice. It seems like a whole bag makes only about 6 ounces and takes forever-plus you make a big mess doing it.

So think of Tribulus terrestris as the oranges and Tribestan as being the orange juice. Just as the juice is extracted from the orange, Tribestan is extracted from Tribulus terrestris. The juice comes from the orange and Tribestan comes from Tribulus terrestris, but Tribestan is not Tribulus terrestris any more than orange juice is orange peel or seeds.

It takes 2000 lbs of Tribulus Terrestris to make just 40 lbs of Tribestan. So you can see that by taking Tribulus terrestris in the attempt to get enough of the active ingredients in Tribestan, you would have to take 50 times as much. And even then, you wouldn't be getting enough. Plus it would actually be dangerous to take that much Tribulus terrestris. I'll get to that later.

Though Tribulus terrestris is abundant all over the world, in Bulgaria they add a specific fertilizer to the soil so that when the plant is harvested it yields 4 times more active ingredients than any other Tribulus terrestris.* Protodioscin and protogracillin are the active ingredients that are extracted from Tribulus terrestris to make Tribestan.

Sopharma (the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Tribestan) developed the technology to extract the protodioscin and protogracillin (the active ingredients in Tribestan) from the Tribulus terrestris plant. In 1956, they began researching Tribulus terrestris in order to isolate the active ingredients. Once they discovered protodioscin and protogracillin, they experimented with animals and followed 9 generations of each species and didn't observe any negative side-effects from the use of Tribestan.


Tribestan® is the most potent natural testesterone enhancing supplement in the world ever produced! Used by thousands of bodybuilders worldwide including Ronnie Coleman! The King of Tribulus Terrestris!

Tribestan UK is the world leading distributor of the original Tribestan®. Tribetsan® is developed by Sopharma Pharmaceuticals of Bulgaria the largest manufacturer in the world of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. Tribestan® is a patented product with over 30 years of research!

Tribestan® is the original Bulgarian Tribulus extract and the first in the world to be launched on the market.

Used by Bulgarian Powerlifters since the 70′s. Tribestan® is known as Eastern Europe’s biggest kept secret! unlock your genetic potential with Tribestan®. Achieve up to 14lbs of lean mass in 10 weeks!

No other natural product on the market today possesses performance and health benefits like Tribestan®.  Reports of up to 14lbs of lean mass in 10 weeks are very common!

The award winning Tribestan® is now in such demand we currently have over 5,000 loyal customers worldwide.  This is because Tribestan® has been clinically tested with over 30 years of research and with proven results.  Tribestan® is truly the future of performance supplementation.

The Original Tribestan®. Used by the worlds top bodybuilders including Ronnie Coleman and Milos Sarcev! The world renowned supplement of the 21st century.  For men and women!

The head of the development team described Tribestan® as A GIFT OF NATURE TO HUMANITY”

For over 30 years Tribulus Terrestris crops have been harvested in Bulgaria specifically for making Tribestan®. It takes 2000 lbs of Tribulus Terrestris to make just 40 lbs of Tribestan®!  This is why each 250mg Tablet contains the strongest most pure Tribulus extract in the world! It is not possible to get the unique effects of Tribestan® with cheap imported Tribulus for $10 per bottle. Unlike other manufacturers each batch of Tribestan® comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) providing information on purity and potency.  

Tribestan® has been clinically proven to be the strongest most pure Tribulus Terrestris extract in the world with an average content of 113 mg furostanol saponins per tablet (active ingredients) with 45% Protodioscin compared to a very poor 0.5 – 22 mg per tablet/capsule of regular brands.  This makes Tribestan® an astonishing 12,000% stronger than regular brands! (please see tables 1 & 2 on Clinical Studies, Tribestan VS other brands!). 

Tribestan! as seen on TV in Europe! 

We are proud to be the world leading distributor of Tribestan®. Tribestan® is the original Bulgarian Tribulus extract. Tribestan® is without a doubt the strongest and closest alternative to anabolic steroids. The most potent natural testosterone boosting supplement in the world ever produced! Tribestan® is now the biggest selling natural testosterone supplement in the world today! Tribestan by Sopharma!  The most potent amongst any testosterone boosting supplements in the world!

As seen on TV the award winning Tribestan® has took the bodybuilding world by storm and is available to all our customers worldwide! Tribestan® has recently launched a multi million euro TV Advert which is seen throughout many parts of Europe.  This is the only natural testosterone boosting product in the world to have its own TV Advert.  This is due to the huge popularity and many health benefits of Tribestan®.  The main benefits are highly elevated testosterone levels which result in increased muscle mass, recovery, endurance, reduction of body fat and increased sex drive.

For years, Tribestan® has been used by athletes of the Soviet Bloc.  The Bulgarian Powerlifters  have used it extensively with effectiveness since the 70′s and is the reason why they have dominated Powerlifting over the years!  These days it is known as Eastern Europe’s biggest kept secret.

In 1976, the product was finally made available, but only in Eastern Europe.  The National Weightlifting team were taking the supplement.  It was only available to athletes through the sports association. You couldn’t just buy it in the pharmacy.  All the weightlifters used it in conjunction with steroids and especially when they stopped their steroid cycles.  Tribestan is truly unique compared to other testesterone boosting supplements!

Home Continued… The original Bulgarian Tribulus. Tribestan!

Tribestan® has passed all the drug tests at every competitive level and has been used with significant results by top professional athletes with no toxicity and no side effects.  It has a perfect safety profile unlike many testosterone boosting supplements and a 100% natural herbal origin with over 20 years of research.  Many of our customers are top level professional bodybuilders, cyclists and various olympic athletes. 

Tribestan by Sopharma.  Sopharma is the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Tribestan®. They developed the technology to extract the protodioscin and protogracillin (the active ingredients in Tribestan®) to make the patented Tribestan the strongest and purest Tribulus extract in the world!

Do not be fooled by tribulus based products offering high levels of Protodioscin! Unfortunately todays supplement industry is flooded with many cheap Tribulus Terrestris brands which have tried to imitate Tribestan® over the years.

We would like to emphasize that the push towards higher Protodioscin content in Tribulus based products is extremely misleading.  The product claiming higher levels of Protodioscin such as 60% and 90% advertise falsely and simply use inferior extracts or ground herbal material and artificially add Protodioscin (it is only possible to get around 45% pure protodioscin due to the purifying processes involved).  Protodioscin alone does not raise testosterone.  The true superiority of the effectiveness and safety of Tribestan is expressed in a biologically balanced substance where are present not only Protodioscin, Protogracillin, but other key saponins (active ingredients) in critically important ratios.  Tribestan® contains only pure Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. 

The importance of active ingredients in Tribulus Terrestris


Over 4,000 companies worldwide are selling Tribulus right now, but the number of companies that really know how to make Tribulus can be counted with the number of fingers on one hand. The first being Sopharma of Bulgaria (the manufacturer of Tribestan) and a few other Bulgarian manufacturers.

Over recent years the consumer has been confused with various brands offering protodioscin content between 50% and 90%.  The consumer automatically gets attracted to these high percentages but does not understand the ingredients. 

The truth is there are various active ingredients in Tribulus Terrestris called saponins.  Saponins  contain only a handful of active ingredients.  Included in these Saponins are protodioscin and protogracillin together with other key active ingredients, protodioscin being the main active ingredient.  

Many companies do not differentiate between saponins and protodioscin.  The level of protodioscin can not go over 45%, but saponins can.  In order for companies to sell more of their products they write 80%-90% of protodioscin but what is advertised is the percentage of saponins

Many manufacturers also add artificial protodioscin or pro-hormones which are harmful to the consumer! As you can see the market is very misleading. 

TRIBESTAN® is the original Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris.  With TRIBESTAN® you can rely on a reputable brand with pure natural ingedients.  The original and the best!

Tribestan®contains at least 45% of standardized saponins (from the shoot of the plant).  The true superiority of the effectiveness of Tribestan® is expressed biologically where are present Protodioscin, Protogracillin (the key active ingredients), and other key saponins in critically important ratios offering dramatic results!

What is Tribulus Terrestris?


Tribulus Terrestris is a flowering plant native to the warm temperate and tropical regions of Europe, Southern Asia, Africa and Australia.  It has been used in herbal medicines for centuries.  Tribulus Terrestris has many health benefits and is used today to promote large gains in strength, lean muscle mass, impotence issues in men and can even lower cholesterol. 

Tribulus Terrestris for infertility.  It has also been used traditionally as a fertility and reproductive health herb for hundreds of years. In more modern time Tribulus has proven true to its reputation.  This herb can be used by both men and women while most studies have been on its effects on sperm health.  A study conducted on women who were not ovulating to see if Tribulus could stimulate ovulation. 67% realized normalized ovulation. 

Another study was done with men to determine if Tribulus would be effective for men with sperm antibodies. Sperm antibodies impair the sperm from penetrating the cervical mucous.  The study showed a 61% increase in conception in couples with sperm antibodies causing their infertility. 

In the mid-1990s, Tribulus Terrestris became known in North America after Eastern European Olympic athletes said that taking tribulus helped their performance.  This particular product was actually Tribestan.  This is why Tribulus Terrestris has become widely known in the world of bodybuilding.

The active compounds in Tribulus are called steroidal saponins.  For years the country of  Bulgaria has produced the most potent Tribulus due to its perfect climate and state of the art manufacturing processes.  Unfortunately the market is flooded with cheap Tribulus extracts from around the world but Tribestan® is the original brand from Bulgaria first introduced on the market, it still remains the most potent and strongest Tribulus extract in the world!

Tribestan tablets are found in blister packs.  This guarantees freshness unlike cheap Tribulus found in ground  form and in capsules which lose potency after time.  Tribulus Terrestris extracts are from the plant and it is essential to keep the extract fresh after the product is made to keep its potency. 

Why Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris?


The Tribulus Terrestris herb can be found only in few parts of the world. South USA, Mexico, Spain, India, China and more importantly Bulgaria! Bulgarian Tribulus is superior making it up to 50 times stronger.

Something very important, and usually overlooked, is the fact that the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris phytochemistry is entirely different from the phytochemistry of the same plant found elsewhere in the world. The superiority of the Bulgarian Tribulus is due to the unique Bulgarian location and climate. 

Different parts of the plant used for obtaining the extract are cropped at different times of the year.  The special method for cropping the herb which contributes to the broad specter and the high content of active substances is not present in Tribulus Terrestris from any other part of the world.  This makes the Bulgarian Tribulus superior to all similar herbs worldwide and 50 times stronger thus raising natural testosterone levels significantly up to 12,000% more than the inferior brands!

This important difference is not well known despite the numerous scientific studies on the topic (you can look through the report of M. Ganzera, E. Bedir, I. A. Khan, The University of Mississippi). This fact is usually deliberately not mentioned because the resources of the herb (which can not even be cultivated) in such a small country as Bulgaria are limited and cannot satisfy the world demand for Bulgarian Tribulus extract.

Because of the limited resources of the original Bulgarian Tribulus the market is flooded with inferior Indian and Chinese Tribulus

For a long time now, many companies claim to offer supplements with Bulgarian Tribulus.  Many of these so-called “originals” are offered at 10-15 EUR price per pack.  The herb itself costs 2-4 EUR per kg.  Just consider the fact that for obtaining a quality extract, the extract ratio is minimum 1:50 (extract : dry herb). Further, the production process is extremely complicated.  To get a better idea it takes more than a dozen extractions in order to obtain the highest concentration of active ingredients.  Multiple purifications contribute to the high quality of the Bulgarian Tribulus extract famous with its remedial effects.

Tribestan vs Regular Tribulus Terrestris. An astonishing 12,000% stronger!



You can see below how Tribestan® is far superior to cheaper imitated brands.

Table 1 Shows extracts analized for their content of furostanol saponins with reference to protodioscin. You can see for yourself the tremendous difference between Tribestan by “Sopharm” and the rest in regard to furostanol saponins with an average of 54% compared to the rest with range of a very poor 0.1 – 20%.

Table 2  The results are presented as quantity (g) of furostanol saponins in one tablet/capsule.  Tribestan by “Sopharma” with an average content of 113 mg furostanol saponins per tablet, and all other products with ranges of 0.5 – 22 mg per tablet/capsule.  This makes Tribestan over 12,000% stronger!

COMPARATIVE ANALYTICAL INVESTIGATION OF TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS PREPARATIONS – D.Obreshkova, T.Pangarova, S.Milkov and D.Dinchev ; Publication in Pharmacia, vol. XLV, bk. 2/1998, 11.


Table 1

Source Tribulus Terrestris raw materials

Principle Furostanol Saponin (active ingredients)

Content of Furostanol Saponins (active ingredients) calculated per cent

Sopharma Tribestan



- Lot No. 01196

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


- Lot No. 21296

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


- Lot No 10197

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


- Lot No 20297

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


Dabur, India VI-1006



Kaiser Pharmaceuticals Taiwan – Product # 856 Lot # 18204



Pharmabul, USA – Lot # 9610819, 3-7-97, 40 mesh

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


Technical Sourcing International Inc. (TSI) lot # SM971016 Saponin 90%, Furostanol 15%



Hackettstown 07840
- Batch # TTR-9705
-Batch # TTR-9801



China origin
-No 8745/5/20/98
-No 5424CB/5/20/98


less than 0.1


Table 2

Source Tribulus terrestris preparations

Principle furostanol saponin (active ingredients)

Conternt of furostanol saponins (active ingredients) calculated in grams per tablet/capsule

Sopharma Tribestan



- Lot No. 120798

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


- Lot No. 70298

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


- Lot No 70498

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


LifeTime Sports Nutrition’s MALE POWER II

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


Gero Vita International GemiX

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


Biotest Laboratories TRIBEX 500









Optimum Nutrition’s ANDRO STACK 850



AST Research’s ANDRO PLEX 700

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


Muscletech’s ANOTESTEN

Protodioscin, Protogracillin








Klein Laboratories/Sports One ANDRO-XS



Universal Laboratories ANDRO STACK



Natural Balance/Per Products ANDRO MAX

Protodioscin, Protogracillin



Protodioscin, Protogracillin


Engineered & Applied Science ANDRO 6

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


Pharmabul’s TRIBESTAN

Protodioscin, Protogracillin


Nuntritional Technologies, Inc. TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS







Protodioscin, Protogracilllin


 Tribestan® and Bodybuilding. Dosage and Cycling



Tribestan dosage varies considering the goals of the individual as it is used by endurance athletes, bodybuilders, cyclists etc.. 

Typically a bodybuilding dosage requires 5 to 6 tablets per day for individuals over 180lbs (up to 8 tablets are took by hardcore bodybuilders). Under 160lbs the individual can take 4 tablets per day  It is recommended to take 2 tablets at a time (this typically elevates testosterone more efficently for bodybuilders), for example 2 tablets in the morning, 2 after training and 1 or 2 before bed. 

Tribestan® is active in the body for approximately 8 hours, so you need to take it 3 times per day to ensure that your body continually releases luteinizing hormone, which results in testosterone production.  Testosterone levels can be elevated by as much as 40%


It was established empirically (at Sopharma Pharmaceuticals) that cycling of Tribestan®, 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off being the most commonly used cycle, enhances the effects of the product in some individuals.  Tribestan® is took by many every day all year round with incredible results.  

Like many bodybuilding products a typical cycle for maximum gains in lean mass is 8 weeks. 

Gains of up to 1 stone in lean mass are reported with an 8 week cycle of Tribestan®!  Many of our customers use this cycle time and time again with dramatic results!

Tribestan® is also used by thousands of bodybuilders worldwide after a Steroid Cycle known as Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).  This rapidly elevates natural testosterone levels helping to retain muscle mass gained on cycle. A 4 week cycle of Tribestan® is commonly used.

Dramatic strength increase and mass

Dramatic improvements in performance are seen within the first 30 days, many customers have reported back with a 30 kg increase in bench press and 1 stone of lean mass.

Permanent results achieved

The incredible results achieved are permanent.  This is because ‘muscle memory’ is induced so that your muscles permanently remain at their newly developed state.  Ligaments and cartilage also grow and are strengthened during supplementation.

Increased endurance

By increasing your workout intensity and delivering more oxygen to your muscles, your workouts will be more productive and with incredible muscular pumps, you will feel the veins popping out of your arms.

Ideally 4 to 6 tablets per day for endurance athletes.  Dosage will be dependant on the amount of endurance training.  Customers of ours who are Olympic athletes use a typical 4 to 6 per day.

The Award Winning Tribestan

Prestigious Аward


Sopharma was awarded with prestigious award for most creative ad “Tribestan” – “Let’s raise the plane” became popular during the 19th annual OTC Conference in Athens.
Athens 9th-11th April 2008
Nicholas Hall’s Insight 19th European OTC Conference & Action WorkshopFrom April 9 to April 11 in Athens the 19th Annual European OTC Conference took place. Its main accents were the succesfull marketing strategies for development of the OTC sector.

The conference is organized by Nicholas Hall & Company with the participation of all European multinational pharmaceutical companies.

In the highly competitive environment of pharmaceutical products from the hundreds of applications in the category Nicholas Hall’s Insight European Creative Award – for the most creative TV commercial the joury had to select among 12 shortlisted advertisement among which stood the Tribestan Commerciol – “Lets turn the plane on” which became very popular among the delegates in the Conference.

During the Conference in a special official ceremony the winners in the “Nicholas Hall’s OTC.newsflash Worldwide Marketing Award” category were announced. This is the category were the most creative advertisements compete.

The winners this year were the pharmaceutical multinationals GlaxoSmithKline, Procter&Gamble and Sopharma with Tribestan.

The original idea for the advertisement won the attention of the delegates of the Conference. The sense of humor was well accepted among the leaders in the pharmaceutical marketing and the phrase „To turn the plane on” will definetely be a multinational success.  The high evaluation of the joury for an overall marketing strategy, ralization and results for the campaign “Just try the best days” was presented personally by Prof. Hall who also gave the award „Worldwide Marketing Award”  to Sopharma for Tribestan.

Tribestan Reviews

Please post your reviews at the bottom of this page.


10/12/11 -” Stacey Palmer”, Wales, UK.  Customer Rating   

“I have been cycling for 12 years and become professional 2 years ago, I have complete confidence in Tribestan and know it works for me regarding increased performance and recovery, my team mate Kate introduced me to the supplement and I know why and thats because its a supplement which works! Thanks Tribestan UK and thanks for your responsive and informative emails with my questions on the dosage”.

24/10/2011 – ‘Tariq Majid’, London, UK.  Customer Rating 

‘Tribestan UK! I finished on my second cycle yesterday and im up 1 stone.  Tribestan knocks your testosterone levels through the roof! My mate at the gym takes it too and he does amateur bodybuilding competitions and his friends on the circuit swear by Tribestan! fast delivery and the cheapest I have found on the web, finally something that works and natural.’ 

21/10/2011 – ‘Ashley Owen’, London, UK.  Customer Rating 

‘The best natural testosterone enhancer I have ever tried, I train in the gym 3 days per week and do road running twice. I done 12 weeks of Tribestan and im totally ripped, put a few pound but my physique is really toned I and feel great’

16/10/2011 – ‘Jonathan Griffiths’, Ashford, Kent, UK.  Customer Rating 

‘This is my third cycle and im addicted, I always have great results.  I know Tribulus products have been around for years but Tribestan the original is the best I have tried and its safe to take all year round, cheers guys!’ 

9/10/2011 – ‘Andrew Thomas’, Cardiff, Wales.  Customer Rating 

‘Hi, i bought 4 boxes of Tribestan and get 1 free.  They lasted about 8 weeks, I was training hard as usual, my body had a massive change, I know Tribestan worked because I know my body well from years of training.  Put on just over half stone! fantastic recovery, a great test booster! month off now and another cycle. 

3/10/2011 – ‘John’, Belfast, Ireland.  Customer Rating 

‘Hi there, i bought 2 boxes of Tribestan from you after purchasing 3 from bulgaria, i took 5 per day and the results were excellent. My lifts were up in the gym, i took on more protein and this increased synthesis and now my physique is amazing compared to what it was 8 weeks ago and i put this down to the Tribestan.  I will continue to purchase from you in the future and tell my friends about this, even my moods were a lot better, i felt more relaxed and confident and a very noticeable difference down below also, always ready for action!  Thanks a lot and i’ll be in touch’

3/9/2011 – ‘Christopher Thomas’, Chelmsford, Essex, UK.  Customer Rating   

‘Tribestan is by far a supreme supplement for bodybuilding.  If you want quick results and increased strength use this.  I take my training and diet very seriously, I used Tribestan in conjunction with protein and noticed the difference in 4 weeks when the gains in mass and strength really kicked in.  Body fat dropped and muscle mass increased.  Obviously different genetics require a different training plan but 8 weeks on this and you should know about it!’

 29/8/2011 – ‘Aron Williams’, Melbourne Australia.  Customer Rating 

‘I just finished my first cycle of 10 weeks and put on a solid 8 pounds! Its better than any dodgy prohormone and works! I tried to get hold of Tribestan in Australia but couldnt source any.  I found Tribestan UK and received my first order in just over a week.  Cant wait for next cycle!

23/8/2011 – ‘Ian James’, Cardiff, Wales.  Customer Rating   

‘My third cycle of Tribestan this year and my strength keeps going up, I have put on a solid 1 stone of lean muscle and now wont use another product’

20/8/2011 – ‘Mike Evans’, Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Customer Rating    

‘The first couple of weeks I didnt notice much of this stuff, 3 weeks in and 5 Tablets per day and I suddenly felt the difference, recovery was amazing.  On Tribestan for 2 months now and I have gained about 6 pounds and put 1 inch on my arms and my upper body has filled out! Did try other Tribulus but Tribestan wins hands down!’

10/7/2011 – ‘Andrew Davies’, Chessington, Surrey.  Customer Rating    

‘i have experimented with many Tribulus products over the years and wasted a ridicilous amount of money, Tribestan is the only one that actually worked, I do power lifting and this has shot my strength right up over the past 3 months’

3/6/2011 - ’Keith Bridges’, Lincolnshire.  Customer Rating   

‘Just finished my first 8 week cycle. Was 13 stone 10 at the start with a bench press of 90kg and squat of 100kg. Now weigh 14 stone 8 with a bench press if 120 kg and a squat of 140 kg, these are not single reps either but reps of between 6 to 10. Now two weeks off and can’t wait to start my next cycle. This stuff really works!!’

1/6/2011 – ‘Barry Johnson’, Waco, USA.  Customer Rating    

‘ The thing about Tribestan is that you can take it all year round, its safe and actually great for your health!  I have been taking it for a year now and put on around a stone, yeh ive been eating well too and training hard but I have put more muscle on with this than any other product over the years, Ive been training for 15 years, I did go over to the dark side about 5 years ago and took steroids with amazing results, it was a one time ting and I will never take them again but I gotta say the Tribestan is not far from the results of Steroids, its a little more pricey than other brands but you get what you pay for, right? I religiously take 5 tablets per day and always two at a time, this gives me max gains!’

24/5/2011 – ‘Daniel Bowen’, Surrey, UK.  Customer Rating   

‘ Tried many brands but Tribestan is the ‘Coca Cola’ of Tribulus, it is the original stuff and does what it sais! I take as recommended 2 tablets in morning and then 2 after training and then 1 before bed, sometimes I have a 3 day break from training every few weeks so then take about 2 to keep my test levels up, this makes the pack lasts longer.  Honestly I will never use another testosterone booster or pro hormone, I love Tribestan, it makes me feel amazing, 1 stone in 9 weeks and strength through the roof, great recovery! Nothing has ever given me these results.’

18/5/2011 – ‘Adam James’, Swindon, UK.  Customer Rating 

‘ Love Tribestan, been on it for 3 months, probably the best test booster i have tried, I do martial arts too and it really helps, great service, orders always on time, can be pricey tho ’

29/4/2011 – ‘Chris Davies’, Edinburgh, Scotland. Customer Rating  

‘ Tried this stuff for 2 months didnt put on much weight but my strength went up and I had more energy in the gym, will try again soon, fast delivery too ‘

 26/4/2011 – ‘Jessica Bass’, Cape Town, South Africa.  Customer Rating    

‘ Thanks again for another fast delivery, cant get Tribestan in South Africa, always order from Tribestan UK.  I take part in marathons including the Comrades and find it works very well with recovery and increased endurance.  Thanks.’

1/3/2011 – ‘ Gavin Wright ‘, Surrey, London.  Customer Rating   

‘ 3 months on Tribestan and up 1 stone exactly, I have tried various products including pro hormones but you dont know what your taking these days regarding the ingredients, this stuff is totally natural and strong and makes me feel great, one problem! you will definitely know when this stuff works and thats when you get up in the morning, after about 2 weeks when it kicked in I was waking up with a case of  major ‘wood’ and it also makes you feel well horny but that means it works due to increased testosterone!, I also get my orders the next day and always well packeged so great service too.  Cheers Tribestan UK!’

2/2/2011 – ‘Jessica Smith’ Croydon, London.  Customer Rating    

 ’Ive now cycled Tribestan over 12 months, it has definitely helped in my performance with athletics due to increased energy and endurance.  There has also been a great amount of fat loss.’

What can Tribestan do for you?
  1. Higher Levels Of Testosterone
  2. Increased Muscle Mass (reports of up to 1 stone in 10 weeks are common)
  3. Drastic Increase In Strength
  4. Increased Energy Levels
  5. Increase In Workout Intensity
  6. Reduced Catabolism
  7. Speeds Recuperation
  8. Increased Mood
  9. Clinically Proven To Treat Impotence
  10. Stimulating Influence On Spermatogenesis




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